Elder Care Standards

"Trust, but verify."


1.  The agency has and uses written policies and procedures to safeguard the personal, health, and financial information about their clients and employees in accordance with the requirements of the California Privacy Law () and the US Federal Trade Commission Red Flags Rule (16 CFR 681).

Documentation required:  copy of agency privacy policy.

2.  The client or client representative engages in developing the plan of services, and is provided with a written copy of the service agreement, including cost and scope of services.

Documentation required:  copy of standard agreement.

3.  The agency has and uses a procedure to accept, investigate, and respond to client or employee complaints.  Written information about this procedure is available to clients upon request.

Documentation required:  copy of complaint policy and written notice to clients.

4.   The agency trains all client service staff in identifying and reporting suspected abuse, and follows a written procedure to respond swiftly and compassionately whenever client abuse, neglect, or theft is suspected or alleged, in accordance with ().

Documentation required:  copy of abuse reporting and investigation policy.

5.  The agency directly employs – or contracts with agencies that directly employ – essentially all its client service staff and maintains workers compensation insurance coverage for all employees.  If the agency uses any independent contractors for infrequently needed professional services, it ensures that they carry their own liability and workers compensation insurance.

Documentation required:  declarations page of current workers compensation insurance policy and signed attestation.

6.   The agency maintains a payroll process which includes prompt payment at established rates for all work performed, reporting of employment wages to the appropriate governmental agency, collecting state and federal withholding payroll taxes, and payment of these taxes and all other state and federal payroll taxes to the appropriate governmental agencies.

Documentation required:  signed attestation.

7.   The agency ensures that, prior to assignment, any worker who provides client services has received training for each task to be performed for the client. In addition, all client service workers will have received training and orientation in the following areas:
A.  Confidentiality/privacy and client’s rights
B.  Universal precautions, infection control and communicable diseases
C.  Handling of emergencies, including safety and falls prevention
D. Recognition and reporting of abuse and neglect
E.  Observation, reporting and documenting changes in client needs and environment.

Documentation required:  copy of new hire checklist.

8.   The agency ensures that all workers whose duties include assistance with personal care have met one of the following training or equivalency requirements:
A.    Successful completion of a 75‐hour training program – including 16 hours of supervised practical training – equivalent to the requirements of the federal Medicare Conditions of Participation for Home Health Agencies at  42 CFR Part 484.36; or
B.     Successful completion of a 60‐hour Homemaker/Personal Care training  program equivalent to the standards issued by the MA Executive Office of  Elder Affairs;  or
C.     Successful completion of at least 10 hours of personal care training  overseen by a RN; or
D.     One year or more experience providing personal care services in a  supervised (home care agency or facility) setting; or
E.     Two years or more experience in providing private personal care services.

In addition, the agency ensures that all personal care workers pass a competency  assessment that covers each of the following subjects:
A.     Observation, reporting, and documentation of that worker’s clients’  physical status and the care or service furnished.
B.     Basic elements of body functioning and changes in body function of that worker’s clients that must be reported.
C.     The physical, emotional and developmental needs of the clients served by the worker.
D.    Appropriate and safe techniques in any personal hygiene and grooming tasks to be performed for that worker’s clients.

Documentation required:  Copy of competency assessment.

9.   The agency verifies licensure for all professional staff employed as RN, LPN, Physical or Occupational Therapist, Physical or Occupational Therapy Assistant, Social Worker or any other profession requiring licensure, and uses a re‐verification system that ensures  that such personnel maintain current licensure.

Documentation required:  signed attestation.

10.   The agency ensures that supervisors are accessible by telephone during any hours that  client service workers are providing services, and that workers know how to contact them in case of emergency.

Documentation required:  copy of emergency contact policy.

11.  The agency conducts on‐going quality assurance/supervision visits for all client service workers on a regular basis.

Documentation required:  copy of supervision policy and form.

12.   The agency conducts a criminal background check through the () Criminal History Systems Board on all client service staff, and does not assign workers to provide care until the results of the background check are received, in accordance with ().

Documentation required:  verification of CHSB certification to access CORI and signed attestation.

13.  The agency maintains general and professional liability insurance in the amount of at least one million dollars per occurrence and three million dollars in the aggregate, and an employee dishonesty bond or liability coverage in the amount of at least ten thousand dollars.

Documentation required:  declarations page of current insurance policy.

14.  The agency conducts business in accordance with fair business practices and complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, including wage and hour, anti‐discrimination and sexual harassment, and Affirmative Action/EEOC laws.

Documentation required:  signed attestation.